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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your blog. I'm in process of setting up my bog, but I want to thank you to leading me to (in)courage which I found thru Gypsy Momma. I was able to help coordinate the first (in)courage meet up in San Diego. Amazing how God was able to unite totaly stragers in Love. Maryjane

Lindsey V said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, Maryjane! I just saw your comment today and my how that encourages and blesses me! How amazing is God to connect hearts and lives in this way for His glory...thank you for letting me know that I was a part of cup overflows!!

How was your meet up in San Diego? Do you have any pictures? Would love to pop over and check it out!

Jed and Kimber said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Lindsey!
I went to ORU at the same time as you and I found your blog on facebook. :) My kids will soon be missionary kids, so I like reading your point of view. I love your blog so far!

Lindsey V said... Best Blogger Tips

That is SO exciting!! Where are you and your family moving to? What was your major at ORU?

A Joyful Noise said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried to leave a comment on your post on Peace. Your photos are peaceful and lovely as are your words. Your latest set up for comments would not accept my browser.

Lindsey V said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so sorry that the commenting would not work for you on today's post. I have the Disqus commenting system set up there....not sure why it isn't here too actually.

I will check out what the issue was....would you mind telling me what it would not accept exactly? I know that there are several ways that you can enter usually...but it has been awhile since I personally signed up..

And thank you for the encouragement on the peace post....

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I found your post "Again" on FMF very encouraging and uplifting (couldn't seem to leave a comment on that page I'm afraid). I'm finding the end of myself a lot more often these days, turns out, it's not such a bad place. God's always there after all.

Anyway, I didn't want to let it go without letting you know that one more person is praying for your Granny.

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