Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: REAL

Joining with our sweet Lisa-Jo, who challenges us every Friday to write just because you love it, just because it's fun, just because you were born to and you cannot help yourself and not to edit and hold back, but fly and dream and create and paint....oh get the idea!!

This week's topic.....REAL

We're living real life over here
filled with rainy days, dirty dishes, and chronic pain.

Real days of loneliness and sorrow.
Heartbreak and empty arms.

Real moments of isolation, separation, and negotiation with the Father who ordains it all.

And suddenly, just when you finally start to fall into the hard realness of a life of waiting, or maybe when you have reached the end of your rope {the jury is still out on that one}, door opens up and you see His REAL hand putting the puzzle pieces together.

When the letter from Social Services that you have been waiting for, telling you that you are cleared to begin your home study, arrives in the midst of your unopened stack of mail, you blink at the timing...5 days after sleeping in your new house.

And then you look at the date. April 13th. The same day of the signing for said house.

And you cannot help but step back and say, "Wow, God...are you for REAL?"

For those who have been following and praying for our journey{and to those who are new here}, thank you for your continued prayers and support. We NEED them!! We met with our social worker yesterday to begin the home study process for foster care and adoption licensure. It is exciting and scary and amazing and awe-inspiring. Just watching Him piece together the puzzle pieces takes my breath away.



alwaysalleluia said... Best Blogger Tips

His timing is amazing, isn't it? I love hearing about this crazy journey He has you on.... what an awesome season you're in! Praying for you, sweet friend!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh it so good to see Him at work putting all the pieces in place.  Praying for you on this journey.

Loni said... Best Blogger Tips

How neat and exciting to read!  And I believe so often, that God does care about dates to show the puzzle pieces so uniquely placed together!  

Jennifer Camp said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, Lindsey, I am so thrilled for you!  God is so amazing and tender and good.  Praying for your heart and for your continued energy on this beautiful adventure, with Him!  Yay!  :)

Alia Joy said... Best Blogger Tips

God has a way of doing things in His own timing and when we get glimpses of how His hands were in it all along it is truly amazing. I can't wait to see what unravels in the future as His plans for you are revealed. Congrats! 

Ms. Kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so happy for you! We never were foster parents although we did go through the program. We became guardians of a gal - her mom was a single mom who died unexpectedly when she was 15, and we had 2 foreign exchange students live with us for well. I also have several friends who adopted through the fost-adopt program in various states. One family here adopted 5 kids! I think they fostered well over 100. My sister I think fostered near 50 pre-teens and teenagers! Most short term but several are her kids forever. God does amazing things and I am so happy for you and yes, you have my continued prayers. It won't all be easy but it is all worth it :) HUGS!

Kamille said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad that God is showering his goodness upon you.  I cannot even imagine the chronic pain you endure, so I pray that he would bestow healing on you & more glimpses into his good & faithful character.  love to you friend!

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