Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Artist's Voice

"She has so much control in her voice," I say as my own almost cracks in awe of the beauty in that moment.

I am surprised as tears blind my eyes in the first 20 seconds of this girl's vocal performance on The Voice.

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The cry of the artist's soul reaches into mine, and even as I type these words, wells form over my pupils with a lump in my throat.

Week after week I watch contestants walk onto the stage. My heart tightens with anticipation and nervousness on their behalf.  To see the fulfillment of long awaited dreams thrills me to my toes. While I know that there can only be one "winner" in this contest, the exposure given to each vocalist intoxicates my passions.

I love the connection I feel with these talented individuals, not because I have even half of their musical talent, but because their spirit, their fire, their dreamer's energy sparks latent desires of my own.

Artists SEE each other.

We recognize greatness. We understand the way one's heart is worn on the sleeve. We hear the unique drumbeat even when it varies from our own.

And we champion the aspirations within those faces we see.

At least that is how it is supposed to be.

So often we find ourselves jealous, envious, angry at the talent or preference given to another's genius. "What about me? When will it be my turn? When will I get noticed? When will my dreams be realized?"

Something primal and instinctive causes us to recognize another deep soul in a crowd, and often like dogs we mark our territory, wanting to shine in our own little area.

It causes this question to rise up as a challenge to my soul...

"How can I give place to another's voice?"

How can I campaign for the dreams of my sister, my friends, or the unknown woman an ocean away?

How do I allow the artist's voice inside of me to not only thrive with the dream The Master Artist placed inside of my heart but also to rally behind, to advocate for, to crusade on behalf of every struggling, fledgling artist out there dreaming along with me?

And the best answer that I can come up with is this: See through His eyes. Love from His heart. Dream with His possibilities. Pour grace and support and praise into the lives of those you rub shoulders with. Push others up a little higher. Get behind their long-lost dreams.

Even as I type this, I feel the pang as my own humanity fights against this notion. I realize that I may even be challenged with this soon just because of writing these words...

And yet....

When we pray to be "more like Jesus" is not this one of those moments where He takes us at our word? Since ultimately I want my life to reflect His, yielding to the voice of the greatest artist ever known, must be my creative choice.

What an artist is trying to do for people 
is bring them closer to something, 
because of course art is about sharing: 
you wouldn’t be an artist 
if you didn’t want to share an experience, a thought. 
~ David Hockney 

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, 
and help them become what they are capable of being. 
~ Goethe

Father, may we first recognize the dreamer, the creative soul, the passionate artist in our own souls and then will you help us to daily SEE other's dreams, CHAMPION other's destinies, LOVE with abandon, and GIVE from a place of want that we may see a world colored by the ART of the Master? Thank you for your grace to walk this out. In Jesus' name. Amen.



Kasi said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this one, My Sister!  You put words to how I feel when I watch the same show! I have watched them crying as if I know them......but I guess you are right, when you want to create you feel the heart of another creator!  Love you and your artist's spirit!

Annie | said... Best Blogger Tips

I think I love this most because you live this out & teach me as much with your words here as you do with your life! Rock on, friend!

Karrilee Aggett said... Best Blogger Tips

Yep... again... you did it again! LOVE love love this!!!

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