Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Connected

Every Friday I join with Lisa-Jo, The Gypsy Mama, so we can share our stories in just 5 minutes.

Here are her words....

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Most important: visit, comment, encourage the person before you.
OK, are you ready?

Give me your best five minutes on Connected.


I take my hand, interlocking fingers into his.
I feel....connected.

I look across the table and she laughs at that same silly story I've told a hundred times.
I feel....connected.

I sit next to her hospital bed, the woman who gave my life from her body, and I take care of her for this momentary need.
I feel....connected.

I sit with my baby sister, who is not so much a baby anymore, and we watch a video with that famous person that reminds us of an old friend. We laugh and...
I feel....connected.

Words. Moments. Glances.
Memories encapsulated in time.
Hearts that no longer beat the same alone.
Lives that no more travel in solitary motion.


Won't you join me or maybe visit some of these other brave souls putting their words out their with no restraint??


Ro elliott said... Best Blogger Tips

love...lives that no more travel in solitary motion...

Sabrina said... Best Blogger Tips

I liked how you showed different forms & levels of connectedness here.  People whose hearts beat the same should never be alone.  It's a shame that many times, we do indeed feel alone, unconnected.  Thankfully so much can happen with even just a glance :-)

Caroline @UnderGod'sMightyHand said... Best Blogger Tips

Connection can bless tremendously, can't it? Lovely post.

Heather Ricardi said... Best Blogger Tips

This is beautitful, Lindsey. That last line is so touching.

Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Katy said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your post! So happy and beautiful and all sorts of connections. 

Jennifer Camp said... Best Blogger Tips

Such beautiful snapshots.  You make me want to collect more of my own word-heart pictures.  Thanks so much, Lindsey.

Meredith said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes --- I love those moments.

And... on a side note.
The other night I had a dream that I met you in real life.
It was awesome.
Just sayin'.

alwaysalleluia said... Best Blogger Tips

Love these little moments, these little glimpses of the various connections that make up your life, Lindsey... You are a gift to those who are blessedly connected to you! ;) And BTW, Thanks about the photo- it does have sort of a 'Gone-with-the -Wind" feel, I hadn't relaized until you said so! ;)

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

and to you...blessings...thank you for stopping here...

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

I know. I, too, have felt alone, often, in spite of those I know I have in my life. I think that is when the connection of the Father is the greatest need for our hearts that can only truly find solace in the empty place HE alone was meant to fill.

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, Caroline...and means SO much!!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, Heather!

Where are you from?  My husband is from South Africa and often says "cheers" as a closing to people.....

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, Katy! Learning to be thankful for those that ARE there and not just what I want!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooo...would love to hear yours!!  Thank you, friend!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

I am sorry that I am just commenting on this...IRL...really? How awesome is that? Are you going to any blogging conferences this year? Blissdom? Relevant?

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes...your pic totally reminded me of that scene where she uses the curtains to make a dress....haahhahaaa

Thank you for your be called a gift is a treasure to my heart. It means so much to me....

Meredith said... Best Blogger Tips

It was awesome. So completely chill. :) And no. I don't think so. We just don't have the budget, especially when you count travel TO the conference, and then STAYING somewhere during the conference... I wish. :)

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