Monday, January 9, 2012

Joy Dare 2012

I started counting in 2010, these gifts.

I needed to.
To remember.
To look.
To see.

I didn't do it every week.
Or every day.

I just had to let the practice of counting come with grace, not legalism, until I could fall in love with the rhythms of the day-to-day noticing again. It took me a year and a half to collect 300 gifts on my way to reaching 1000.

And then this week, I read Ann's words, challenging us to a Joy Dare for 2012

"....the dare to slow down and wake up and receive all God gives for what it is — a gift. Take the the Joy Dare. Isn’t that what Aristotle said– 'We are what we repeatedly do.'

This crazy Joy Dare to do it all over again because I need it, to make this the habit before all the other habits — the joy habit — and count a full 1000 gifts in 2012. He deserves all my thanks and it’s impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear. Woman with the soul amnesia — she keeps remembering and needing to remember again.

Just three gifts a day.

The whole earth is full of His glory.

And maybe I could make it crazier — by hunting, seeking, looking for specific gifts from His hand?

A Joy Dare to give all glory to Him?"

So in spite of my perfectionistic self that wants to "finish," I am enchanted with the possibility of 1000 gifts in one year, with the daily inspirations to look FOR gifts each day.

The joy of discovery.
The joy of wonder.
The joy of SEEING what I never saw before.

3 gifts a fuss...just noticing every day.
And if I miss a day of writing it down, this guide to remind me of what I saw but did not SEE is there to help me count.

I love it!!

Taking the joy dare to count 1000 gifts in 2012.

1) my laugh
2) my green eyes
3) my mind
4) The blue sky

5) Cozy blankets
6) Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
7) "Thanks for listening to me"
8) "I can't wait to meet you one day"
9) "You encourage me, friend"
10) my C.S. Lewis book
11) my new lace-up boots
12) my new planner

14) encouraging tweets
15) Must Love God (1st post)
16) my DSLR
17) whipped frosting
18) His grace
19) Mom's worry about not being able to help me clean like she wanted to
20) Arno's quiet in the morning to not wake me when he rises early
21) Kasi's {sis} sensitivity to my day-to-day ailings
22) The light & shadow across Morris & Mom in my pictures
23) The glimpse of that how that shirt fit better
24) The shadow made in the light of the front door
25) My hands that look like Mom's {and hers look like Granny's}

26) my Granny
27) piles of laundry, sorted and ready to be washed

Won't you consider joining me in counting 1000 gifts for 2012?
Click on the links above to download a guide to give you daily ideas.


Stacie said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this new way of counting as well!  Your list is beautiful.

Christina Gilliland said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this! Enjoy the counting for His gifts are everywhere, aren't they!

Charity C said... Best Blogger Tips

hands that look like moms and granny's.  It is a joy to see some of the traits handed down, isn't it?

StefanieYoungBrown said... Best Blogger Tips

Great list, sweet friend!  Grace for the Good Girl absolutely changed my life!  I know that sounds dramatic, but it is so true.  Emily put into words what I've longed to say for years.  Through her writing and the power of the Holy Spirit, the masks are coming off.

I'm loving Ann's idea for 2012, aren't you?

Have a wonderful week!

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

Joy Dare...Love that!  Love stopping in the busyness to count the gifts.  Blessings to you today!

Amy McCollister said... Best Blogger Tips

I  got 1000 Gifts for Christmas. Am planning on reading it after I finish Grace for the Good Girl (it quickly became a of THE most challenging books I've ever read...but one of the biggest blessings ever). Love your list. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you

Sarah Dawneé said... Best Blogger Tips

That is great! I hadn't seen that PDF! I'm starting a bit late, but I want to join in too.

I dare to continue living out joy in even greater ways on a daily basis!

Sugar Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been reading 1000 Gifts over the last year, making notes, jotting down my favorite quotes... but I did not see this post from her. thank you for sharing! What a fantastic idea!

Whatthisgirllearns said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this, Lindsey! So you write down 3 things each day that you consider gifts? That is a great goal for this year! I would like to try it!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips opens my's a beautiful guide!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes! Love how this guide opens my eyes!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips of my favorite things.

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh...not dramatic at did for me too, even though I thought I KNEW and was FINE.  I realized layers that I had not yet allowed The Light to shine on. Yes. the masks ARE coming off. And yes...I do love Ann's ideas for counting. It helps me so.

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah...I love that she is calling it that! Seems a whole new way!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

I have actually never read 1000 gifts. Ann's reading was hard for me at times, probably because of the poetry. But I loved her heart and fell in love with her words at Relevant. So I ordered it in November with my other Christmas gifts to give away but did not end up giving it away. So I may be reading it too this year...will let you know....

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

It's never too late!! And this PDF that she will create monthly makes it so easy to do 3 or even more to catch up on any given day!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad you found it here! I hope you enjoy the way she has laid everything out this year...I really am!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes. Just 3 gifts a day. Or it is easy to catch up...but the daily practice is kind of the goal. I am approaching it with grace all the way around.  I hope you WILL do it too...let me you if you decide to!

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