Friday, January 6, 2012

Must Love God :: The Scarlet Thread

I am so excited, thrilled, ecstatic, ENTHUSIASTICALLY ready to share with you one of the beautiful new doors God has opened this year.

Must Love God

Must Love God is a brand new space where women can share their hurts, struggles, weaknesses, and brokenness together, as we learn daily to drink deeply from the living well. This site is meant to be a home away from home where you can bring your dirty "laundry", throw it in with ours, and we will wash together.

No judgments. No staring. No finger-pointing.

Just living water.
Changing water.
Life-giving water.

To this broken girl, in desperate need of His daily grace, on a relentless journey to stay submerged in His heart, I was SO IN to being a part of that.

So I am getting to write there today! Yay!

Won't you come on over and not only read my post, but stay there for awhile and meet some of the other REAL LIFE, BROKEN YET REDEEMED women?

Check out the forum where you can openly share your heart in a safe place and find others who struggle with the same things -- emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual -- or at least FEEL the same desperation.

A friend in college used to say, "Different circumstance; same emotions."

You are not alone.
We find our purpose in His love.

So what are you waiting for? Let's go there together......shall we??


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