Monday, March 4, 2013

Dear God-Sized Dreamer

Dear God-Sized Dreamer,


Psst...that's you! there...reading this RIGHT now!

YOU have a God-sized dream or dreams inside of you just bursting to get out!

Oh yes you do! I promise.
I know.
I truly do.

How you ask?
Because I know how He made He made me.
I know that He wired us with something so amazing inside of us that if we do not do it, we think we might burst. You know what I am talking about now...don't you?

I know.
I can hear you now.
I can't do that! or That's impossible for me!

I have felt that way too.
{Secret -- I still do some days...many days!}

But that is JUST the thing....
YOU cannot do it
It IS impossible for you.

That is why it is God-sized.
Made with beauty and purpose
and bigger than our human hands and hearts can wrap around.

Your God-sized dream whispers to you in the dark....You were made for this.
In the secrets of the wind and waves, it beckons....Don't give up...
As the seasons change and winter falls into spring you hear....He makes all things new...including you!

So sister, dream bigger and wider and larger than you think is possible.
Brother, go deeper and when you think you have hit rock bottom, plumb deeper still.
Friends, hold fast to the world-changing dream He is birthing in your heart because no matter how large or small or important or insignificant it may seem to you, it is God-sized...making it just right, Goldilocks style.

You were born for this...this season...this moment...this time....this generation.
Please do not give up or give in!
We need you.
We really do!

Your voice is breath-taking.
Let nothing make it small.
Let nothing hold you back.
Let your God-sized dream soar.

Teri Lynne Underwood

"You cannot find security in what God is doing 
because He commits you to the impossible; 
He asks you to see the invisible; 
He calls you to do the outrageous. 

There is no security in that place. 
There is no security in what God is doing. 
There is only security in who God is."
~Graham Cooke


Sabrina said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello my dear!

Thanks for the reminder that it's okay to dream and that there is something there planted deep within me that only God can accomplish through me. Me & God are gonna have chats about this dream ;-)


Holley Armstrong Gerth said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for dreaming with me, friend! XO

Lenae Ross said... Best Blogger Tips

What a rallying call! Love this, Lindsey!

Kris Camealy said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes! Lindsey, I can hear you saying this! i love this encouragement, and the reminder that our security is only in WHO GOD IS. Thank you, sweet friend, this is such a great boost to me this early morning!

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