Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Proudly South African

Well, today, South Africa fought hard and strong and while it was an amazing win against France...the points were not enough to take us to the next round! But I wanted to SHOW you what the game was like in my house!

First Arno comes bursting into the house with HIS version of the "diski dance"....okay maybe not....but I was in such shock that I don't have pictures of that dance....but he effectively scared the kitties upstairs to the bedroom....he was wild! This was the closest that I got to recording his crazy excitement!

Throughout the game, I don't think he sat down longer than 2 minutes...INCLUDING half time! He was a PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN supporter the whole time!!

At the end, Arno was QUITE sad.....!!
And wanted some comfort!
Bafana, Bafana, we are proud of you!!! Way to fight hard and beat France!! We are still behind you 100%!!


Beverly Brumbley said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, Lyns, thanks for posting. Loved seeing the pics of Arnie rooting for his team and country. So sorry they didn't advance. They sure made him proud today, though!!

Kasi Lyndaker said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it!

Kasi Lyndaker said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it!

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