Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Chase {Guest Post :: Holley}

It's the end of February and the Relentless Love series is winding down, and I am happy to share the final guest post writer with you -- my friend, Holley Gerth. I have said it before and I will say it again, Holley, besides my mom of course, is one of those people that I would like to be when I grow up. She is a published author, counselor, life coach, Dayspring card writer, co-founder of {in}courage, Squee! business entrepreneur, dream weaver {and builder}, lover of people far and wide and so much more. Oh and by the way...she's MY age!! I have looked up to her since the first words I read of hers on her website months ago. When we met at Relevant, imagine my delight when she carved out time for us to sit together and connect for a few hours. What a treasure! Holley makes her home in Arkansas with her sweetheart, Mark. Her blog home is Heart to Heart with Holley {I mean doesn't THAT name in and of itself just tell you WHO she is and why I think she is so fabulous?!?!?}

The Chase

I’m born into a home that believes.
I start a relationship with Jesus early.
I’m the good girl in high school.

But somewhere along the line,
I confuse relationship with rules.
I weary of the legalism and when college comes, I rebel.
I’m the prodigal daughter who talks at parties about missing God,
who mistakes affection for love, who tries to fill the hole inside her
with anything but the only thing that can.

I imagine God running from me.
But instead, in that impossible way of His, he pursues me.
He sends people into my life that teach me about grace.
He forgives again and again and…again.
He whispers to me in the middle of the night
and tugs on my heart in the middle of the day.

He is relentless.

But I will not relent.

Until my choices break my heart wide open
and all the hurt pours out.
“Now, I’ve done it," I tell myself.

But God isn’t done with me yet.
It seems He takes all that hurt
and washes my feet with my own tears.

How can God love like this?

I keep trying to earn my way back.
I want to show that I will be a good girl for good now.

But God will have none of it.
Instead he simply wants all of me—just as I am.

And, finally, I begin to believe it.
I slow and let that love-that-never-stops-pursuing catch me.

When I do, I’m surprised at what comes with it too.


What I thought I had to chase out there in the world
turned out to be what was chasing me all along.

I’m so glad God never gave up.

(And that he never will.)

This month I have asked some of my fellow bloggers to join me here at The Little Missionary Girl All Grown Up to share how they have seen the Relentless Love of the Father in their lives in moments of brokenness, heartache, and valley-of-shadow moments. This post is the 11th and final in the series of that exploration into the passion of the Father for us across miles, across personalities, across hearts that are His. To read more of the posts, click here and here.


Jennifer Camp said... Best Blogger Tips

This amazing love that never stops pursuing, never tires, never flees. . . It is so crazy wonderful it is hard to take in . . but I must.  I am desperate for it.  Thank you, Holley, for sharing your story -- His story -- of hope here.  {And I am so thankful for your beautiful heart, Lindsey!}

Don OBrian said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank the both of you for reminding me what is so important in my life!
GOD is my Devine Savior who will welcome me into HIS Mansion when the time is here!

Katy said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh such a good post and this has been such a good series to remember God's relentless love!  p.s. I agree with you, Lindsey, I love Holley and she's totally someone I'd like to be like when I grow up too! =)

Kristen Strong said... Best Blogger Tips

I hear ya Lindsey, I want to be Holley when I grow up, too {even though she's a few years younger than me}. :) But you, Lindsey girl? You are totally darling and a complete JOY.

Holley, this post just solidifies the sisterhood I feel with you. Just when I think I couldn't love you more, you prove me wrong. Love your words here that minister to my soul. Reminders I need to hear every. single. day.

Lindsey and Holley, I love you girls so much ~ praising God for you right now.

Annie | annieathome.com said... Best Blogger Tips

 I love this, the joy that comes in being finally (and again and again) "caught" by His love. Thanks, Holley & Lindsey.

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

I know...she and I are the same age! But I just respect her so much!  Love to you too, Kristen!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

She's amazing, isn't she? #WeHeartHolleyGerth

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Jennifer...you are so special....thank you!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Don, thank you so much for coming here and for your kind, encouraging words!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, Annie! You are so right...it is SUCH a joy!

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