Monday, April 4, 2011

What My Mama Taught Me {Happy Birthday, Mom!}

Today is my mother's birthday and my mom means so much and so many things to me. I have said it in many ways to her over the years in words, in cards, in FB wall posts, etc. so I thought I would share it a little differently today....

10 Things That My Mama Taught Me

#1 - When things are nuts, laughter is the best medicine......ALWAYS!

#2 - It's okay to cry....REALLY!

#3 - When you come to the end of your rope, keep holding on to Jesus for all you are worth

#4 - Integrity is vital - who you are when no one is watching

#5 - Education is SO important - Always keep learning!

#6 - Love Jesus with every fiber of your being - nothing else is MORE important than that

#7 - Listen with your heart, your eyes, your soul

#8 - Treat people with love & respect, the way you want to be treated

#9 - Age is just a number - You are only as old as you feel

#10 - Be someone that people can count on - "When I die, I want my daughters to be able to say about me, 'Mom was always the same.'"

I love you, Mom! You have taught me SO much and modeled what being a servant of Christ is. I often call you a "mothers-mother." In the dictionary, when the description of mom is listed, your character is THE LIST. I wish everyone could have/have had a mom like you!! I strive to be like that too as well as to teach other women to love as fiercely as you loved us.

Happy Birthday, Mumsie!

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Beverly Brumbley said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, Baby! Love this!! Thanks for making my birthday special, as always!

Amy Bennett said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like you have a lovely mother. Great list!

Lindsey V said... Best Blogger Tips

@Beverly Brumbley I love you back, Mom!

@Amy Bennett I DO! Thanks, Amy!

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