Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Miracles {Project 365 & Joy Dare}

The crisp wind catches my breath as I stumble out the front door. I pull my hood on tighter, zipping up to my chin. While spring is upon us, winter has not quite given up the fight, at least for today.

With camera in hand and a zillion thoughts in my mind, I march onward determined to achieve a bit of exercise and fresh air today. I chide myself, "You've walked this same road, camera strapped to your side, three times last week. What could there possibly be left to photograph?" I have barely passed two homes, when I spot the first discovery that I MUST capture on film. I chuckle in my head, realizing that in spite of my skepticism, the habit of looking and seeing and counting and snapping has renewed a part of my soul, the part longing for wonder and discovery. It is amazing really how in a week alone so much is already changing, growing, blooming, and I am amazed.

So it is with this mindset that I come across a group of children playing in a little field. I long to photograph their play from afar but wary of parental angst, I attempt to capture the nature around me with a bit of their revelry in the background.

I see them notice me as I am walking forward and not wanting to be rude nor cause them to break any potential rules of "not talking to strangers," I simply smile as I saunter by and kindly say hello.

As I pass, I notice more beauty -- the bird's nest high above, the large stump surrounded by greenery, the sound of their child's play -- and suddenly I can hear footsteps drawing closer so I turn.

"Are you a wildlife photographer?"

I smile both outside and in, "No, I just REALLY like to take pictures."

Expecting disappointment or indifference on their faces, I receive none. Instead, one overlapping the other, words spill out as they tell me about their naturistic finds and secret discoveries.

"I see a woodpecker come back to that same tree every year."

"I have a secret hideout here in the woods."

"Me too. I have a different hideout over here...."

"I saw ten lizards today. One was brown and black, one was brown and blue...."

"Come here. Can I show you something really pretty?"

I am sharing in their delight, since I myself have retained a mind that never quite grew up, however, my adult "street smarts" warn me to be careful to not cause any fear in the hearts of their parents. I wave to a few moms, introduce myself to a dad, tell them and the children the street that I live on in their neighborhood to calm any potential alarms inside their heads.

They ask me to come back again when they have planted their garden for the season, I assume they hope I will bring my camera-friend along. I smile and wave goodbye feeling full to the last drop in body and heart and soul.

God's gifts are surprising and unexpected every day, both in what we see AND in what we hear. I am truly amazed at His continual mercies and grace in JUST the way we need to receive them.

And I am thankful for how He opened my eyes to new miracles and discoveries today, through the eyes of His little ones.

Project 365 :: Week 12

Day 78 :: Breathing in a picture of His masterpiece

Day 79 :: Walking with my love
{we are working on a new habit of
walking together during the week.
Exercise + Time Together = Perfection!}

Day 80(1) :: Playing with two of my favorite kiddos

Day 80(2) :: What I Wore - Gray & White Striped Dress
from Abercrombie & Fitch, purple tank, skinny jeans,
and brown lace up combat boots

Day 81 :: A path of enchantment....

Day 82 :: Celebrating bff, Alison's, birthday
at Tokyo Steakhouse

Day 83 :: My {current} favorite dessert...
especially the middle lemony good!
(At Olive Garden)

Day 84 :: Jessica Cherrix's bridal shower

The Joy Dare
1000 gifts in 2012

235) Yummy Roast Beef
236) Resee's Peanut Butter Eggs
237) Laffy Taffy {one of my favs}

3 Gifts That Made Me Laugh
238) Being silly with my love
239) Olivia's funny faces
240) Watching Jake Ray swing backwards

A Gift Salty, A Gift Sweet, A Gift Just Right
241) Arby's potato cakes
242) Twizzlers
243) Steak Gorgonzola

244) Mark 10:27 - Nothing is impossible for you
245) Psalm 139:3 - He is acquainted with all my ways
246) Psalm 23:2-3 - He leads me and restores me

3 Gifts found in Women today
247) Annie --> She loves with such a BIG and accepting love
248) Alison --> She loves and cares for the people that I do -- the way she considers Arno
249) Mom's gift with languages

3 Gifts Spoken
250) "Miss Lindsey, there is a seat right here next to me."
251) "Everyone is so happy to see you..."
252) "I really appreciate your help."

253) "Are you a nature photographer?"
254) The neighborhood kids showing me all of their hideouts and favorite things in nature

Won't you join me? Take The Joy Dare!
Here is a list of ideas to daily help you
to SEE in the midst of the busy days...

You're Already Amazing


Cherry said... Best Blogger Tips

Enjoyed reading your gratitude list, and also seeing your 365 photos!  Love hearing about your walks, and also together with your husband - what a great thing to do together each week!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, Cherry! I am enjoying the journey...bunches!

Jennifer Camp said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, Lindsey, this entire post made me smile!! I see you with those children all around you, how they were captivated by you, just utterly irresistible. Yes, Lindsey, you are captivating. What a gift you are. Bless you. You are so, so loved.

Julie Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

Love, love, love this entire post! your words reached my heart; great pictures, and beautiful gifts listed!

I struggled so much in counting gifts this week that I didn't even get my Multitude Monday post up! You inspired me to attempt to go back and see if I can find some!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Julie...your words encouraged me! The counting helps me a lot with Ann's 3 gifts a day prompts...have you looked at that monthly list? Either way...I am so glad that you were inspired...

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