Monday, March 19, 2012

Project 365 :: Week 11 & The Revelation in Counting

Closing in on 80 days into this new year, I find daily that there are new discoveries of His heart for me and new elements of His character developing inside of me. Little did I know that the discipline of taking at least one picture a day as well as counting three gifts from my day-to-day life would launch me into a lifestyle of leaning in, drawing close, letting go, and learning to fly.

As the revelations unfold, I will share more, but needless to say, He is amazing me in how He speaks even through, and especially in, the seemingly mundane, habitual moments.

Here's a little glimpse into this week's unearthings....

Day 71 :: Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Day 72 :: Basking in the Sunshine

Day 73 :: Enjoying Spring

Day 74 :: Goddaughter, Macy Hope, walking on Sunshine

Day 75 :: Beautiful Sunset

Day 76 :: Friday night at FNF learning about the tongue

Day 77 :: Celebrating my pal, Jamie, as she and Grant prepare to welcome
their little lady bug in just a few weeks!

The Joy Dare
1000 gifts in 2012

214) The way the wind sounds when you close your eyes and just soak it in
215) The way the leaf floated at the top of the bucket of water --> random loveliness
216) Filling the pages of my 1000 gifts book (untapped potential)
217) Golden Double Stuff Oreoes
218) The smell of spring --> it is captivating me!
219) How excited my kitties were to spend time outside in the beautiful weather

3 Gifts Found In Silence
220) Time with my friend Alison at her house where they do not own a TV
221) Just sitting together with my love, in comfortable silence, each with our own thoughts
222) The stillness of the quiet house, when I am the last one awake

223) Jake: "But Mommy, Miss Lindsey is here and I haven't seen her in FOREVER!"
224) Listening to goddaughter Macy with her new words and sounds --> so cute!
225) Spending time with my best friend

3 Hard Eucharisteos
226) Finding His mercies in only one hour of sleep
227) Learning to trust Him in the tension of the waiting
228) The beauty of spring only came because of the persistence of the seeds through the cold winter

229) Those buds that have lay dormant for weeks, seeming, like they were going to bloom but now finally ARE in bloom!
230) Working with Wendy & Kasi to hang things to decorate around her new apartment
231) Celebrating with a friend at her baby shower -- She's waited a long time for this!

3 Gifts Red
232) Walking with Arno in his bright red slippers
233) Hot Tamales...Mhmmmm...!!
234) "DON'T WORRY. BE HOPPY." bag with the red lily pad gifted to me from Cheryl

Won't you join me? Take The Joy Dare!
Here is a list of ideas to daily help you
to SEE in the midst of the busy days...

You're Already Amazing


Stacie said... Best Blogger Tips

You have some truly beautiful photos--nice light and composition.
I felt the inward cringe at the reference to one hour of sleep, and I smiled at the reference to Hot Tamales.  A lovely glimpse at a day-in-the-life...

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much, Stacie! I really appreciate it! Your compliments mean so much to me!

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