Monday, June 18, 2012

Everyday Sacredness

After moving almost two months ago, 
I think I MAY finally be getting my bearings.


This pattern of feeling out of place and needing to grab at order to try to realign my little life, finds its way into my world more often than I can count.

As a college student moving each year into the dorms, I had to immediately tidy all of my belongings before decor and beauty found their way into my room. 

Whenever I travel and I know that I will be sleeping more than 1 or 2 nights in one place, I MUST unpack all of my possessions to feel AT HOME at once in this space that will house me for even a short while. 
Even on my honeymoon.... 
{I husband truly loves me!} 

The length of the location shift juxtaposed with the amount of worldly goods to be organized is directly indicative to how long the unsettled demons of anxiety will vie for life in my newly transformed season. And sometimes the inner madness is a direct reflection of the lack of control over the natural chaos that change of any kind leaves in its wake.

Simply stated.
I find it hard to focus on the big things if the little things are out of order.

"The little foxes destroy the vines," is another way I have heard it put.

So as I continue to settle into this new {AMAZING} gift of a home, I organize my mountain of review books longing to be read, awaiting the moment when they will find human connection. I prioritize each one from publisher and date received, and while I am a fiction reader by nature, 
I requested this one non-fiction book last year,
which I never finished.

I picked it up yesterday, and in the revelation on the pages, reminders to see Jesus in everything leapt into my heart. I have been counting my gifts, taking the Joy Dare, although I have not recorded them here in quite few weeks, I have logged them faithfully, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, catching up with the day-to-day prompts, causing me to look back and remember, to be thankful.

And Brian McLaren's words take me back to the reason I began counting this year in the first place...

"We need an everyday sacredness."

"Spiritual practices could be called life practices...because they help us practice being alive...They develop not just character but also aliveness, alertness, wakefulness, and humanity."

"Spiritual practices are about life, about training ourselves to become the kinds of people who have eyes and actually see, and who have ears and actually hear, and so experience...not just survival, but LIFE...tuning our radios to the frequency of the Holy, turning up the volume, and then daring to sing along."

So through Project 365 and The Joy Dare springs a desire to not only be present in the moments but also to revel in the goodness and the grace of the One who made it all possible.

Do you crave order in chaos?
How do you handle the the outward and inward pandemonium that life inevitably brings?

Just a few of the 250+ graces since I last recorded them here....
The Joy Dare 2012

256. "Are you a nature photographer?"
270. The "hidden" couch bed - a nice chill place for the weekend
282. My husband's surprisingly persistent calls, 
knowing I was having a bad day
303. Walking with Arno because he always shares things 
with me during that time
317. Pretty, fresh paint on the walls
349. The letter that home study is about to begin
376. The glee on Macy's face as she plays on the playground
392. My love's excitement to see me when I walk in the door late at night
403. Spending the day at the beach with my love
416. Being inspired @ 3rd Friday in the artist world
426. Olivia's protective nature over me
460. Trying to fool Kasi for her birthday 
and knowing she was figuring out stuff
470. A spontaneous shot of long estranged grandparents laughing together
482. Date night with my bokkie
493. The smell of the new fabric softener on everything
500. The beauty of reaching the half point of counting 1000 gifts!

And MORE PROJECT 365 :: Day 162 - 169

Day 162 :: My current fireplace decor
{A little bit of Africa, Dayspring, and Pier One} 

Day 163 :: Morris "helping" Arno drive 
on the way back from the vet 

 Day 164 :: Enjoying the evening on my front porch

Day 165 :: Patches really loves her Daddy.
She even squeezes in his lap while he play Playstation. 

Day 166 :: Summer Fun with Jake Ray 

Day 167 :: What I Wore :: Sister's brown tank dress w/decorative empire 
waistline beading {Thanks, Kasi!} and 
cute new sandals I got on sale at Christmas time

 Day 168 :: Catching the light on our stairwell

Day 169 :: A Father's Day for just the two of us
{and the kitties, of course!}

I'm on a journey, chronicling my life with a picture a day for a year. I hope to discover the world around me in my day-to-day life in a uniquely different way as well as learn more about my DSLR to better capture those precious moments. 


Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

I definitely crave order in the midst of chaos. We just moved out and the last 2 weeks drove me crazy because everything felt chaotic. So glad to be out and on the road because it feels like a little more order in my life!

Ms. Kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

When my kids were young I felt I lived in the midst of chaos at times... So much coming and going and laundry, etc.... But I found my place and I realized I was simply the kind of mom who would rather play with her kids than do the dishes. Later I realized that I simply had too much stuff - So I got rid of A LOT of stuff/junk/someone else's treasures :) I simplified my life and chaos fell away.  I am not the most organized person but things do have their place and I can easily pick my house up and having it look super nice in a matter of minutes. Like you I have a LOT of books and you can find them in every room, although I do have nice book shelves. They are like friends that I like to have close by. I love the journey you are on. It's sounds so familiar and inspiring. Enjoy your new home and take making it into a home - one day at a time sweet Jesus... :) 

Diane Bailey said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautifully written.  I know what you mean about having order before decor, I feel the same way when I'm changing locations.

Jessica @ Muthering Heights said... Best Blogger Tips

I often feel the same way with those pesky little foxes...

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