Thursday, January 3, 2013

100 Pound Loser {A Review}

When I heard that Jessica of Muthering Heights was writing an e-book about her 100 pound weight loss journey, I was surprised. After seeing her first at Relevant in 2011, and at Allume in 2012 as co-leader of the conference, looking super cute in her trendy outfits and amazing figure, I would never have guessed the battle she has overcome to arrive at the place she is now.

I was super excited to read and to review this book, not only because of how she looks NOW, but also because she is a real woman with four kids and fibromyalgia and somehow managed to balance all that, and find the body that she feels comfortable in.

THAT is the kind of book I want to read, the kind of woman whose story and journey that I want to know.

Since I have battled with chronic pain, most likely fibromyalgia too, I have been unable to exercise and dance like I used to to maintain the weight that I was most comfortable with and the past 2 and 1/2 years have found me slowly adding pounds that I would rather not carry around.

100 Pound Loser: How I Ate What I Wanted, Had Four Babies, & Still Took Control Of My Weight – And You Can Too! was like a shot in the arm, the boost that I needed to believe that it IS possible, even with obstacles in the way like health issues

Jessica shares her words in the same style that she speaks {I can hear her sweet voice in my mind bouncing across the auditorium at Allume}. Winsome, humorous, girl-next-door, coffee-chat-style, that is Jessica to a tee. Her words and motivation are not from a dietician or a fitness expert, they are from a mom, a woman, a friend who has faced this poundage mountain and lived to tell the tale.

In Jessica's own words....

"I wrote this because I'm just like you...I’ve been where you are: feeling tired, sluggish, and out of shape. Wanting to make positive changes for your health, but overwhelmed by the enormity of it, with hands full of children and all the beautiful business of life.   
I wrote this because I’ve done it. I’ve gained the weight, lost the weight, and kept it off. . .four babies (each a little over one year apart) later. 
I want to encourage you to take the steps toward taking care of your body. I want to cheer for you as you reclaim your health. If you’re married, I want you to wink at your husband, and giggle with confidence when he comes after you, without trying to hide. 
I want you to know you’re not alone—and that no matter what, whatever the mirror or the scale says, you are not just your body; you’re an amazing creature, fearsome to behold."

You can buy the book today for $4.99 on Amazon.

Or if you want more information, check out

***Big thanks to Jessica for giving me and advance copy of the book to review! All opinions are my PURELY my own....


Jennifer Peterson said... Best Blogger Tips

I know how you feel Lindsey as a runner over the summer I had to quit and do physical therapy, I'd cry and cry because I wanted to run and I have gained some weight back:( fortunately I am able to run again but I have to start over thank you for sharing your heart and struggle it is not easy when you used to be very active. praying for you!! I am going to read her book too!!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much, Jennifer! It helps to know someone understands and that I am not alone in that oh-man-now-I-have-to-start-over-feeling! I am encouraged by your words and I pray that you will also find your running groove again! Exercise makes one feel so great when you can actually do it consistently.

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