Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project 365 :: Day 344-366 {The Final Chapter}

 Day 344 :: Day 1 of the dreaded flu/infection/virus. 
Little did I know it would be "hanging" out for the holidays

Day 345 :: Some of the "bandaid" meds that helped
to provide a bit of relief 

Day 346 :: One of my views during the yucky-ness 

Day 347 :: A little abstract photo project for photography class 

Day 348 :: I figure if you have to blow your nose
like it is going out of style,
you might as well have a smiley face around. ;-) 

Day 349 :: Felt better so went out for a photo shoot
for my cousin and his surprise proposal
Sweet couple, right?
 Day 350 :: Mom and Dad are home for Christmas! Yay!

 Day 351 :: And yeah...not so much better....
Tomorrow's agenda :: Finally go to the doctor

Day 352 :: My ole boy 

Day 353 :: Well at least there was some holiday fun
around the house to keep me company 

Day 354 :: And then my love started feeling not so awesome.... 

....and we missed a picture day....

Day 356(1) :: But we perked ourselves up enough to make
it to Arno's work party

Day 356(2) :: Bowling with the Telewire crew

 Day 356(3) :: And some yummy snacks from 
Arno's boss' wife 

 Day 357 :: Helping Mom and Dad pick out 
their Christmas tree

 Day 358 :: Watching my favorite Christmas movie,
It's a Wonderful Life,
with the family!

Day 359 :: Christmas Day with the cousins 

Day 360 :: Hanging wth Mr. Morris

Day 361 :: This is what happens to your recycling
when you have been sick for almost 3 weeks.
Thank you, Mom, for taking it to the 
recycling center for me!
{No pickups in our neighborhood!}

Day 362 :: My first attempt at baking a turkey,
under my Mom's supervision.
It was quite fun and not as hard as I thought! 

Day 363 :: My love and his Russian attire
He totally wore this to work and kept it on the whole day! 

Day 364 :: Post-Christmas chilliin' 

Day 365 :: New over-the-boot socks from sis
and upscaled boots from my friend Natalie 

Day 366 {Leap Year} :: Happy New Year's Eve
from the van Niekerks

It's been a fun ride doing Project 365. With days missed here and there and made up for along the way, I love looking back and seeing how I have grown and changed along the way.

I will not start over agin this upcoming year as far as Project 365 is concerned,
but stay tuned for weekly photography assignments, designed to stretch myself and my skills.
It's gonna be great!

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and if you want to see the whole Project 365 year in pictures just clicked the Project 365 label below.

Happy New Year!


Jennifer Peterson said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the pictures and glad you are feeling better!!!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, Jenn! It was a fun year! I simultaneously miss it and am relieved to be done!

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