Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Fun :: Crab Picking

Summer time is full of exciting activities, fun adventures, & yummy treats. So, I want to share a series of posts of MY SUMMER FUN with YOU! I hope you enjoy and will share your summer memories and days with me too!

Ever since my childhood, my summer time has been marked by this uniquely Maryland activity -- CRAB PICKING!

My pop pop would buy a bushel or two of crabs and get the whole family together, and we would pick crabs.

Now I am not a seafood fan. {I's shocking to most people considering I grew up on an island, but well...there you go!} However, originating from "the Eastern Shore" and spending every summer here, you learn a thing or two about picking crabs.

This year, Pop Pop turned 80, so it seemed super fitting to have a crab picking celebration in his honor.

I didn't pick crabs myself this summer,
but I truly love watching my family do it.

Yeah...this is summer fun to me!!

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