Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Fun :: The State Fair

Summer time is full of exciting activities, fun adventures, & yummy treats. So, I want to share a series of posts of MY SUMMER FUN with YOU! I hope you enjoy and will share your summer memories and days with me too!

Summer in my neck of the woods just would seem
QUITE complete with going to the state fair.

With all of my travels and living overseas most of my life, I haven't ever really had a lot of time to be invested in the fare that fairs provide, but being from rural farmlands, it reminds me of HOME....well, at least one of my homes, and I just kind love it!


Prize Farm Animals!

Mechanical Bull Rides!

Carnival Games!

And of course.....the FOOD!!

{I forgot to take the pic of our funnel cake & stand so I borrowed one from here and here.}

But the best part is sharing all of this with the one you love!!

Have you gone to a local fair or carnival this summer? What was YOUR favorite part?

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