Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From Good to Graced

Katie at Imperfect People in love with a Perfect God asked me MONTHS ago if I would like to share my testimony on her blog. I was very excited and I said, "Yes!" immediately, but then I felt stumped about "what to share....exactly." So, 3 months later, I finally felt like I had "the words" so here they are....

I am
the good girl.

I got that expression from Emily @ Chatting at the Sky, but the meaning behind it, I learned that on my own, because you see, I REALLY have always been "the good girl."

Let me explain...

I have always wanted to do the right thing.
I have always wanted to be pleasing.
I have always wanted to have approval from those I love.
I have always wanted my life to be successful.

So, I was the good girl.

I did what was asked of me...for the most part...probably all the way through college, and I didn't JUST do it to please others. I truly felt GOOD about ME when I was....well....GOOD!

However, you know what happens when you try so hard to be good and right and perfect {oh that's almost a dirty word for me -- PERFECTION!!}?? The result is someone who is on a never-ending cycle of proving one's self.

Each achievement has to out-do the last.
Each kind deed has to hold more meaning.
Each event has to outshine the previous one.

Won't you hop over and join me for the rest of the story at Imperfect People?

I am also linking up with Faith Barista in the coffee shop serving up my brew on perfectionism...


...as well as Imperfect Prose on Thursdays {special thanks to Shaunie at Up the Sunbeam for sharing her post there that turned me on to this community linky}.


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