Friday, November 23, 2012

Five...ahem TEN....Minute Friday :: Thank You

Thank You!

I woke up yesterday, looked out the window to Thanksgiving world, and felt a burst of gratitude well up in my soul.

It surprised me really because thanks in the hard seasons, the hard journeys that have no easy answers and no quick outcomes, finds me more often breathless than thankful.

So I am learning to choose.
It has been a-several-year-pilgramage.
One in which I am still traveling.
Probably always will.

But on this day where we remember the day our ancestors broke bread with the original Americans, I pause in my heart and draw thanks, bubbling up like a well in my soul.

Thank You!

....Sis, for spending this Thanksgiving with me. It has been so long and I forgot how much fun it is when you are around. I had learned to accept "the way it was" and thankful this year for the gift of you.

Thank You!

....Family, for an amazingly, beautiful, NO-DRAMA day. The pleasant vibe throughout the meal, the easy conversations, the feeling of REAL blessed my heart so much! I left thinking, "That was really lovely!"

Thank You!

.....Cousin, for hacking into my Facebook page as we planned our Black Friday shopping outings. I do think you are "the best." At least one of the best in my world anyway. And I love that you "include" me in the planning of the shopping day, even though I have never actually attended before today.

Thank You!

.....again, Sis, for being there, because going Black Friday shopping without you would not have been the same. C'mon, let's face it. I would probably never have gone. I love that I got to share that first experience with you and auntie and cuzzie and cuzzie's girl. The NFL corner of Wal*Mart may never look the same again. Hopefully the people that shopped with us were too delirious at 3 a.m. to even remember our turkey-druken stupor of nonsense and loudness...okay, okay...MY loudness! was one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever.
And that was a treat, a gift, a surprise.

So, Jesus, thanks for that gift.
It was super special.

Five Minute Friday


Martha Brady said... Best Blogger Tips

hi Lindsey, can't believe i was your neighbor tonite:) you are slipping girl! you are usually one of the first on this page. i worked last nite (t'giving) and forgot that it was thursday (sort of) didn't get to fmf until late today...after lots of shopping.

i enjoyed reading you post. very fun:) hope you had a great t'gving and that your days are going well with all the variety that makes your life:)

Mia said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Lindsey,
I am a South African girl too and believe me, my beautiful country is filled with Mr Mc Dreams!
Much love

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesomeness right here! Maybe one year I'll pull on my big girl boots and juvenile print fleece pjs and go out for that wackiness myself- you know you saw that at Wal-Mart, you always do. "Turkey-drunken stupor" is my new favorite phrase and I will be using it at Christmas!! Thank you for increasing my vocab!!! :)

StefanieYoungBrown said... Best Blogger Tips

God has blessed you beautifully, my friend! Through you, He blesses me:)
So thankful for you...

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this, Mia!! ;-)

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