Monday, November 12, 2012

Learning to Quiet

Last month, I wrote for 31 days straight -- more or less.
That was twelve days ago and I have only written four times since then.
2 photography posts.
1 guest post{with a giveaway that is still OPEN, by the way!}.
And a Five Minute Friday.
I could not even manage another five minutes this past Friday.

It is not that I have nothing to say.
It may be that I have too much to say,
Or that I am just tired of writing,
Or just I needed a little break.

Emily P. Freeman, author of Grace for the Good Girl {which impacted my heart like crazy}, and Graceful {which is in my reading pile now}, wrote her 31 days on hush -- a journey in quieting her heart and soul to listen first. Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday prompt last week was the word quiet. My dear friend, Annie Barnett, just launched her Etsy shop called, Be Small Studios. Even Alene's words on how to find quiet in the midst of this noisy life showed up in my inbox this morning.

And at Allume this year, I felt like God was causing me to be still, to be small, to quiet my heart for at least THIS one special moment.

Or maybe just to do a deeper work still.

I have so many beautiful take-aways from that conference.
Some powerful personal lessons learned in the past couple of weeks
And just life ... beyond the lens.

I will get to those.
But for now, in the midst of the day-to-day busyness, in the chaos that is my brain,
He is teaching me {I think!} to still my soul, to press into the anxiety of the moment, to sit WITH my questions {thanks for that advice, Emily}.

So I am here.
And hopefully...

Pray for me?

Are you finding quiet moments in your day/week? 
Do you have a busy mind like mine? 
How can I pray for you today, this week?

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Annie | said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, friend. You know this echos in my heart too. Love this, love you, and grateful for the good things happening in the quiet, deep down unseen.

Laurie Byrne said... Best Blogger Tips

After my 31 days , I was drained.....exhausted. I, too, am waiting as I contemplate the direction in which take, a direction that will glorify Him.

Laura Boggess said... Best Blogger Tips

It's been the same for me since my 31 days too, Lindsey. I think there was a reason God gave the gift of sabbath! Praying more days of story for you, my friend.

Jennifer_StudioJRU said... Best Blogger Tips

I came to the end of my 31 days and felt like I had no idea what I was going to write about! I love the thought of 'learning to quiet'. Beautifully said, Lindsey!

Jen Price said... Best Blogger Tips

I feel like learning to quiet is a constant lesson for me. Great reminder! And sounds like God might be trying to speak something!

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