Monday, November 26, 2012

Graffiti: Scribbles from Different Sides of the Street {A Review}

When I saw the opportunity to join Alene as a part of her launch team for her latest e-book, Graffiti: Scribbles from Different Sides of the Street, I quickly jumped at the chance and was delighted to be accepted to share in this amazing story in just a small way.

Graffiti is a book written not only by Alene, a self-prescribed suburban girl, but also by a homeless man, Rick, who was not always that way.

Graffiti is the story of two very different shells but two very similar hearts, two opposite sides of the street but two identical desires, two contrary points of view but two passions cut from the same cloth. Graffiti challenges your thinking, shifts your paradigm, leaves you breathless, and praying, "Dear God, how can I get out of my comfort zone right here, right now, in this world you have placed me in?"

And I do.
Feel empowered by the story in the pages of Graffiti.

"When nothing is different, there is no difference. How vanilla! For when everything is the same, we experience the same over and over. Talk about mundane! For you and me to leave a mark as difference-makers, we will have to be willing to embrace who we are and be different."

As we count down the days to Christmas and closing out 2012, we usually allow our minds and hearts time for more introspection and analysis. Graffiti is just the book to inspire you not only for the holiday season or for 2013, but for life.

How will you cross over to the other side of the street in your neighborhood, in your community, in the world that the Father has placed you in?

I can tell you this.
I am working on that, wrestling through what that looks like for me.

I hope that you will join me on this journey.
Here's how you can do JUST that!

Alene is selling the e-book for just $3.99 today!!!

But wait there is more!

If you act soon, {this week!}, specifically from November 26th-30th, you will not only get Graffiti: Scribbles from Different Sides of the Street but also $75 in FREE resources along with it!

Want to hear more?
Head over to for more details on how to get these amazing deals as well as to learn more about Alene and her personal story!!


Positively Alene said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you girl!!! It's been a blessing getting to know you. I'm continually challenging myself as well to step out of my comfort zone. Why is it so easy to live life there?

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