Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I See Their Faces....

I was going through my foreign country souvenirs today as I helped to prepare for the 1st annual gala event that my family is hosting for their organization, Evangelistic World Outreach. We are holding this event on the anniversary of the earthquake one year ago to continue to help with rebuilding the rubble...turning the ashes into a thing of greater beauty.

As I was looking through my souvenirs, I could remember exactly where each one came from -- the photo album from Thailand, the leather mirror from Columbia, the wicker purse from the Philippines, the monkey balls from South Africa, the hand carved pencil from Malaysia, the $40 guitar from India, and my beloved, Haiti -- paintings, shells, tap-tap (public transportation), hand painted boxes, etc.

I was in awe of the fact that in spite of the struggle with my health this past year that has also affected my memory at times, I could clearly remember almost every item numbering in the dozens from these precious countries. It excited me and amazed me!

And I realized why....the souvenirs represent the faces to me -- the faces of the children laughing, the faces of the mothers weeping, the faces of the fathers softening to the words of Jesus, the faces of God's beautiful people around the globe.

So as we remember what happened in Haiti today, I remember how God's hand is so poignantly poised to move and work not just IN THE NATIONS but TO and FOR THE FACES.

I like that.

Haitian Proverb: Bay kou bliye, pote mak sonje.
Translation: The giver of the blow forgets, the bearer of the scar remembers.

Nou sonje.....We remember (the faces).


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