Thursday, January 13, 2011

With Love, Haiti Gala 2011

In honor of our first annual With Love, Haiti gala event, here are a few words of reminiscence....

....from Evangelistic World Outreach (Facebook page)....

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! if we didn't tire you out with those two words last night! What a FABULOUS night at With Love, Haiti gala event!! Thank you WHOLEHEARTEDLY to the many of you who have prayed, labored, served, given, donated, and loved, loved, loved! Haiti is FULL of lives that have been changed by YOU!!

....and from the friends & supporters of EWO....

What a wonderful night so thankful for the people that
God is using to help rebuild EWO.
~Bonnie Townsend

Wonderful evening! You did a great job! Looking forward to the next one!
~Laurie Bireley

A Beautiful Night, with Beautiful People, for a Beautiful Cause....HAITI!!! All for the Children! We are honored to be a part of what God is doing through Bev and Tom in Haiti!!!
~Melanie Devine Gladden

....and from my family....

Celebrating life and love on the one year anniversary of such devastation was made more precious by the people that surrounded me! Grateful for all those who were able to be there and have supported my family throughout the past year! Words can never express my thanks to the hearts of those who continue to walk along side my family
through this unexpected life journey!
~Kasi Lyndaker (my sis)

Wow, we feel so blessed tonight! Thank you, friends and family for standing together with us at EWO in Haiti. We enjoyed! so much connecting with so many of you at the Gala....
"With Love, Haiti"!!
~Bev Brumbley (my mom)

....and from me....

Oh my word! What a GLORIOUS night! Ha! Thanks to all of you who donated, attended, participated, volunteered, & prayed for the @With Love, Haiti gala event! It was awesome & fun while precious & powerful all at the same time! Thank you, Lord, for your continuous work in & through people to bless those on a little island not so far away!!


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