Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday, Cuzzy Jared!

My cousin, Jared, who is like my little brother turned 21 today. This is what I wrote for his birthday party roast/toast:

I was 11 years old when Jared was born. I still have strong memories of when he was born, like “He is the prettiest baby I have ever seen!” from like EVERYONE or “He is the prettiest baby in the family!”....not sure how I am supposed to take that one....hahaha!

But one of my favorite memories of that first year is when he was 3 months old and made his first trip overseas to visit us with his parents & Justin to Haiti. I was holding him and feeding him his bottle and I remember these HUGE brown eyes just looking me in the face. He wasn’t scared even though he hadn’t seen me that much before. He looked at me like he was memorizing my face, and there was something that clicked with us then.

Over the years, we have had lots of fun memories. When he was 3, I used to fix his hair like the boy that I had a crush on....then he told on me...! When he was about 10/11, we (with Michaela) saved a chicken on the side of the road, and I made him hold it....what? I was driving! When he was about 14, he tried to figure out who my “secret admirer” flower sender was....and by his face, when he found out, I could tell if the guy was “the right one”.......OR NOT!

During high school we talked about girls (wink, wink) and travelling the world together...or at least Europe for a summer :)......and reaching the world for Jesus! When he did move to Africa for a one year internship, we had talked about travelling SO MUCH that Aunt Paula said it was my fault that he wanted to go there because he was following me!!

Jared, what I love most about you is your psalmist heart like David - one of my favs in the Bible -- the man after God’s own heart. In every season, weakness or strength, David’s heart was ALWAYS focused on the Father, and that is how I see you.

I am so excited for you as you go into this next season of life - adulthood, marriage, ministry, and more!

It’s like......loving you like you were my own little brother GOOD!!

(in honor of the old Yoplait commercial)


(Jared & I wearing our dingle hoppers -- Little Mermaid, anyone?)


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