Saturday, January 29, 2011

My 100 Things {100th Post}

When you first start blogging, it doesn't seem possible that you could actually have something to post 100 times, but here I am about 9 months later, sharing my 100th post. I have learned a lot in that span of time, both on these pages and off, and so in honor of the journey, I want to share a "few" random facts with YOU that you may {or may not} know about ME!


P.S. Your comments on anything humorous or I-don't-believe-that or ME-TOO! are most welcome!!

Lindsey's 100 Things

#1 ~ Not only am I a missionary kid, but I was also born in Haiti.

#2 ~ Maybe I will ask my mom to blog about THAT experience one day.

#3 ~ I didn't meet most of my extended family until I was 3 months old.

#4 ~ My dream, when I was 2 years old, was to be a ballerina.

#5 ~ This fact is ironic considering no one in my family was into it at all, at the time.

#6 ~ At the age of 25, I finally got to take ballet, jazz, tap, & irish.

#7 ~ The theme of the recital that year was called "Dreams Do Come True"

#8 ~ I think God planned it that way just for me......just sayin' {LOL}

#9 ~ I am the oldest of 2 girls.

#10 ~ I wouldn't have been the oldest, but my parents were in a plane crash
before I was born and my 10 month old sister died in that crash.

#11 ~ When I was born 4 years later, the local paper called me "the promised one."

#12 ~ I learned to speak 3 languages before the age of 3.

#13 ~ I spoke English with my parents, Creole with my "nanny",
and French at my nursery school.

#14 ~ I used to confuse my English speaking grandparents
because I would mix all 3 into one sentence.

#15 ~ My French isn't that strong now because I didn't keep up with it,
but I could speak Creole like a native growing up.

#16 ~ I am a HUGE advocate of exposing toddlers to languages
because of my experience (as well as my sister's).

#17 ~ I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS loved to read.

#18 ~ My kindergarden teacher told me mom that she never
"TAUGHT" me to read....she just opened the door.

#19 ~ I am not sure how many books I have read in my life
but I would safely say between 750 - 1000.

#20 ~ I do a lot of reading on the internet these days --
blogs, social media, Scripture, devotionals, etc.

#21 ~ I still like curling up with a REAL book the best though!!

#22 ~ I have always had a cat for a pet since before I can remember.

#23 ~ Apparently one cat gave birth her kittens in my bed when I was a toddler.

#24 ~ I woke my parents up to tell them it was happening --
not sure HOW I described that one.

#25 ~ Mimi {French word for cat} came to live with me when I was 8 years old,
and she died when I was 21 and graduating from college.....she "watched" me grow up!

#26 ~ My favorite things in nature {people and animals excluded}
are the stars & the mountains.

#27 ~ Growing up, I used to lie on the {flat} roof of our house in Haiti to look at both.

#28 ~ They both make me remember how BIG God is,
yet He loves me enough to have a personal relationship with me.

#29 ~ I have always been VERY sensitive.

#30 ~ As a child, that meant that I cried a lot.

#31 ~ As an adult, I still cry...LOL!

#32 ~ But that sensitivity now ALSO helps me to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as well.

#33 ~ I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables at the age of 9
watching Megan Follows on the BBC mini-series.

#34 ~ I have since read and re-read and re-read and
re-read all 8 of the book series.

#35 ~ In college, some of my close friends told me that
I reminded her of them -- I was in heaven!

#36 ~ Last year, I finally got Anne-hair {red} -- it only took me 30 years!!

#37 ~ I have always loved candy, ice cream, cookies, brownies.....
well, you get the idea!

#38 ~ Sweets are to me what coffee is to most of the world.

#39 ~ As a child/teenager, I was painfully shy.

#40 ~ If you know/meet me now, you probably don't/won't believe me.

#41 ~ I took oral communications {speech} in college
and ending up majoring
in Organizational & Interpersonal Communications
{as well as Psychology} and that helped me
to "come out of my shell."

#42 ~ However, my freshman friends in college would probably tell you
that I was the most outgoing freshman on our floor.

#43 ~ I just can't explain that one!!! :) :) :) :) :)

#44 ~ I have always been analytical.

#45 ~ Again...just ask my mom....I kept her on her toes.

#46 ~ I think that makes me indecisive at times....THAT and my perfectionism.

#47 ~ So my first major in college was "Exploratory" -- for a YEAR and A HALF.

#48 ~ Somehow I still graduated in 4 years, even with 2 majors.

#49 ~ Perfectionism IS good sometimes! :)

#50 ~ I am equally left-brained & right-brained.

#51 ~ This can create a lot of fun in the world OR a lot of frustration.

#52 ~ At ORU, I did a workshop on the 5 Languages of Love.

#53 ~ I have an almost 3-way tie for Words of Affirmation, Quality Time,
& Physical Touch.

#54 ~ My favorite date with my husband -- sitting together,
cuddling, talking about how much we love each other,
and watching a love cup is VERY full!

#55 ~ I didn't have a lot of "style" in college.

#56 ~ In fact, I purposefully picked an "ugly" outfit my first day of class
freshman year because I didn't want to impress anybody -- silly girl!

#57 ~ Now I love to evoke a sense of personal style.

#58 ~ And it is often uniquely my own.

#59 ~ And I like that....because I am not trying
to prove OR to disprove anything.

#60 ~ One of my all time favorite speakers is Bill Wilson.

#61 ~ I have heard him speak 4 times and his challenges
never leave me.

#62 ~ I have read My Utmost for His Highest over and over throughout the years.

#63 ~ But I have never read it every day of any one year.

#64 ~ I have always been like that with devotionals, even though I like them.

#65 ~ And I am okay with that {I think?}.....little Miss Perfectionist has learned
{is still learning} to walk in grace.

#65 ~ I tried to read a Psalm a day when I was 9 years old.

#66 ~ When I got behind, it STRESSED me out and I felt guilty.

#67 ~ I have had to LEARN to make a plan but to be flexible.

#68 ~ I learned my first REAL lesson on grace in college
when I realized how my life was all about HIS grace and not my worthiness.

#69 ~ But last year, grace became my friend.
{You can check out my 2010 posts for a lot of those details}

#70 ~ My favorite season is fall.

#71 ~ I like the changing colors, the crackling bonfires, the crisp air,
and even crunchy leaves on the ground as they fall.

#72 ~ However, I don't like being cold.

#73 ~ I used to cry in the grocery store when I was a little girl
because I hated being cold.

#74 ~ When it snowed, I was the first in my family
to come in from playing in it.

#75 ~ But I LOVE THE SNOW!

#76 ~ And I love fireplaces.

#77 ~ I also love the color green.

#78 ~ Maybe it's because I have green eyes.

#79 ~ I NEVER wanted to be a missionary growing up.

#80 ~ I couldn't wait to live in America.

#81 ~ At 19, something changed....and the Holy Spirit put nations on my heart.

#82 ~ I have travelled to 10 countries on 5 continents.

#83 ~ I have lived long term in 3 of those countries.

#84 ~ I hope to travel to MANY more countries.

#85 ~ Since there are 250 -- give or take a few -- I have a lot of traveling miles till to log.

#86 ~ My first passport was filled with stamps though.

#87 ~ That makes me happy!!

#88 ~ I am NOT a girly girl. Period.

#89 ~ I love games - video, board, get-together, outdoor, indoor, etc. - SO MUCH FUN!

#90 ~ One thing I have always liked is to take surveys & quizzes.

#91 ~ There is something fascinating about learning about oneself.

#92 ~ I actually don't mind doing over the phones surveys
(I know...I'm strange!)

#93 ~ Even MORE fascinating for me, however, is GIVING surveys or
quizzes to other people.

#94 ~ So I thought I would ask YOU a few questions....
so will you PRETTY PLEASE help me out?

***#95 ~ What is your favorite childhood memory?

***#96 ~ If you could sum up your personality in 3 words,
what would those words be?

***#97 ~ How did you first meet Jesus?

#98 ~ I REALLY look forward to hearing your answers!!

#99 ~ My lifelong goal is to continue to learn how much I am loved by Jesus.....

#100 ~....and then to take that love and love Him & people like He does.

If you made it this far....THANK YOU!!! Please take a few minutes and answer one or all of my "survey" questions....I would love to hear from you and to get to know you better!!


Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

You are a fascinating person, Lindsey. I read all 100 of your things (and we have quite a bit in common).

I totally want to hear your birth story. What an experience that must have been for your mom! (Wow).

I also love reading and AOGG.

Wait - your hair isn't really red? I would have never guessed.

I like that you ended your list w/ questions - that shows a lot about your personality.

DaisyGal said... Best Blogger Tips

HI Lindsey,
so nice to have you in my space today...and of course you can steal any quote you want, sharing is IMPORTANT :)
loved reading all about you, you're an amazing person. So glad we've "met" :)

Mother Letter said... Best Blogger Tips

This is Seth Haines, Amber Haines' husband. I am contacting those who signed up to do an Ephesians reading. If you have not submitted yours yet (see, please let me know if you will still be able to do so.
Thanks so much!

p.s. Sorry for dropping this in the comments. I couldn't find your contact info.

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so very glad that you left a comment on my blog and that I was in turn able to come read a bit of yours! =) 

This was a positively splendid post and a great way for others to get to know you!

Like you, I have an uncanny pleasure in quizzes and surveys. So, I take pleasure in taking the time to answer your three questions.

#95 - What is your favorite childhood memory?
That is a hard one! I'll share the one that first came to my mind.
When I was a little girl my family and I were blessed to fly up to Alaska to spend a few weeks of the summer with my Grandma, Granddad, and family. My Granddad had this giant inner-tube from (I think) an old tractor tire. My younger sister and I spent hours jumping around on it with different members of our family. It was the most exciting 'trampoline' that I had ever been on. I loved giggling and watching my sister's hair fly as she bounced up and down. It was a wonderful time under the glorious Alaskan summer sky.  

#96 - If you could sum up your personality in 3 words, what would those words be?

Compassionate. Creative. Wordy.

#97 - How did you first meet Jesus?

I first met Jesus when I was six years old. It seems so young when I look back. My family and I had been at church that morning. That afternoon I felt this question of wanting to know who Jesus was. I went and found my parents and talked to them about my feeling. I told them I wanted to KNOW Jesus. He sounded so wonderful. That day, I gave Him my little life. He introduced Himself to me. From that day on He has been helping me know Him, the whisper of the Holy Spirit, and my Daddy God more and more. I'm broken and imperfect, but He has grace and He is good. 

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww...what a pleasure to have you answer my questions!  The Alaskan summer with your grandparents sounds lovely!  I think your personality sounds fabulous!  And I love how you met Jesus...I met him as a little girl too!

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

I enjoyed it!
It was positively lovely. If you ever have the chance (and God leads you) I would absolutely encourage you to visit Alaska in the summer time! It's so very beautiful.
Aw...thanks! =)

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