Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

I have always hated taking down the Christmas tree, ever since I was a little girl. Sometimes as a teenager or college student, my parents would do it on a night that I was out with friends because I hated it so much. It seems like such an end to me of the holiday that I SO look forward to plus my whole family always goes together each year to pick out the tree at a tree farm, so I have to say goodbye to our time-consuming, hand-picked beauty. Also after all the time decorating and making it perfect, who wants to have to put it away and go back to REAL life!! HA!

This year wasn't any different. My parents are home for Christmas from Haiti, and next week we are hosting a gala event commemorating the one year anniversary of the earthquake last year. Then they leave once again for Haiti two days later. So this weekend the tree HAD to come down. Of course, Arno & I could do it AFTER they leave, but that just seemed SUPER sad.

So we worked on it today -- me & Mom & Dad, and although I still loathe doing it, it wasn't so bad! I decided to organize all of the boxes and categorize them with all the various Christmas items. Somehow creating order in chaos made things seem better.

It made me think about the Lord and how He works with us. The process is often messy just like with our tree.

It was REAL dry this year(and YES, we did water it!) so when Dad took off the ornaments and lights, the needles just fell off and it created this green carpet on the floor. Mom and I had to sweep and vacuum twice, but eventually the carpet was clean again. Organizing the boxes and getting things straight was MUCH messier WHILE the process was happening, but in the end, all was righted. And best of all, next year, finding exactly what we are looking for will be simple.

So back to how God works with us.....sometimes it is so messy and when He is getting rid of things that are dying, the process is painful and leaves us feeling barren and exposed. However, once He has removed the junk and sorted out all the "stuff" in our lives, the work He has done carries over into our future. We then see that His deep and thorough threads, weaving bolding through our lives, are not in vain but makes our lives much easier in the long run.

"....His yoke is easy, His burden is light...."


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