Saturday, September 8, 2012

Color Your World :: Teal

My sister and I kind of have a love affair with teal...and yellow and gray...but that's another post. Lately it has been teal. In fact, I am planning to use teal as one of the major accent colors in our great room...eventually! Haha!

So when my friend, Jen and her Color Your World co-hosts challenged us to show our art with the word TEAL, I was excited. But then I thought...I don't know what pics I have taken focused around teal lately, so I checked out my pics over the past 2 months {since the last time I linked up} and came up with a great variety!

Check out how TEAL colors my world......

Celebrating my best friend's little boy's soon-to-be-entrance
into the world with a circus theme

Encouraging my friend, Chloe {far right} at her 
Mary Kay consultant debut...her director, and my friend/boss,
Emily, showcases her summery teal dress

My love with his current outdoorsy love :: kite surfing.
He is sporting a splash of teal in his plaid board shorts

I absolutely ADORE the Olympics...I mean LOVE!
This pic was snapped about half way is a little more BLUE 
but I'm feeling some shades of teal in the mix. ;-)

My uncle, Ranny, turned 50 last month. My sister {left pic} and I 
helped my aunt set up and decorate. Both Aunt Bonnie and Kasi are 
partying with splashes of teal.

After my parents' 40th marriage & ministry anniversary, 
we got to spend the weekend with our adoptive family,
both boys who grew up in their orphanage
as well as fellow missionaries.
This is Bella with my mom.
Her dad is like a brother to us. 
My mom became a spiritual mother to him after his
mom died when he was 17. 

These are my home skillets whom I nanny 2-4 times a month.
Here they are wrapped up in Dora after a summer fun splash session!

I have been wanting to learn increase my photography abilities 
for AWHILE now.
This fall, my sister and I will be taking our DSLRs to the 
local community college to learn some new skills and tricks.
I LOVE to study and be in a classroom.
Just signing up for the class on campus gave me SUCH a thrill!

This was my view for the afternoon at the beach on anniversary day.
I love that my bokkie and I could spend a day together just enjoying
each other and the things we love to do.


...our house was built in 1980 and the upstairs bedroom
are carpeted in memory of that era in hunter green and magenta.
As it is currently not in the budget to change that, 
the "magenta" room is the space we are using for foster children.
So I wanted to try to work with it and recently found the
fun polka dot bedspread that you see above featuring
fuschia/magenta as well as teal among other colors. 

So I have TEAL in my house last!

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse 
into how I SEE color in my world.
Would you like to show how TEAL colors your world?
It can be any form of art 
- photography, fashion, crafting, 
music, written word, etc - 
the sky is the limit!
Just click the link below to join in the fun!


Jennifer_StudioJRU said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow... you have so many splashes of teal in your life! I love it! I love the bits of teal in the board shorts. I also adore the Olympics. Love the polka dot bedspread too! So happy that you joined us for the challenge this month. Enjoyed seeing all of your teal!! :)

Jen Price said... Best Blogger Tips

I think teal is my new favorite color! Love all your teal! Those curtains are fabulous. Oh, and Happy Anniversary! :)

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

I IS a fabulous color! And thank you...I was super excited to find those curtains...and for a deal too! And thanks for the anniversary wishes!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank was fun to look back at my pics to see where teal might pop up..I was pleasantly surprised by it in in so many different areas.

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