Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days of Story {Day 18} New Horizons

If my sophomore year in high school was a study in loneliness, then my junior year was a study in new horizons.

I began the school year in "the States" as our family bided our time during yet another political upheaval. Safety and security were on the forefront for our extended family and sending church, so my parents acquiesced and enrolled us in our local Christian school for a few months and I played the new girl...again.

I did not mind too much though. I made a great new bff at school, spent several nights a week with my youth group friends, had regular sleepovers with my best friend/cousin, Wendy, and got to see my long-time boy infatuation at regular intervals. I was sixteen and for awhile, I got to be what my mind would have considered to be :: a "normal" teenager.

We eventually went back, of course, but miracle of miracles, there was a new school that had just opened up, so Kasi and I registered for our second school that year, filled with student council, lock-ins, field trips, basketball games, new crushes and MORE normal....but now in Haiti!

I was so surprised!!

At this point, my parents had begun the research for where it would be best for me to graduate and how colleges would look at that information. Suddenly the-leaving-home, important-things-to-do-lists became a priority in our house, and just as suddenly, leaving Haiti, A YEAR EARLY, to graduate back in the Maryland was a tangible option.
A BIG option.
And hard.
REALLY hard!!
Harder than I thought it would be
Cause it was my choice.
And my choice alone.

Come back tomorrow as I share my decision and journey towards high school graduation.

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Alia_Joy said... Best Blogger Tips

Missed you at #fmfparty last night. Just popping in to say hi. I've been traveling too so I feel like I'm playing catch up but I've loved reading snippets of your story when I've had the time. Hope you're well. See you next week.

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