Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days of Story {Day 9} Flamboyant Life

Up, up, up
bare feet
knobby knees
sweaty palms

Hugging the trunk
with my body
like a monkey
clinging to momma's waist.

Each groove and curve familiar
shaped by my growing hands and feet.

Friends on my heels,
I clamber on
Eager to be the first to climb,
to reach the highest branch
where tranquil breezes await
cooling the skin
from the heat
of the Caribbean sun.

Brushing leafy limbs
left and right
as I scramble higher and higher
until I find the place
where the seat
holds my small frame
with perfection.

Reaching for the soft petals
of the native flamboyant
holding their brilliant fragility
with tender affection,

Breathing deeply
sunshine on my face
wind in my hair,
I close my eyes
holding on tightly
afraid that I could fall
but feeling more
like I could fly.

And for a moment
I really do.

After sharing MANY memories that I Remember yesterday, I pulled one from my archives about the joy of climbing my flamboyant tree ... almost EVERY day!

The joys of childhood....hope you enjoy!

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Annie | annieathome.com said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this. Please write more poetry, friend!

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