Sunday, October 7, 2012

Project 365 :: Day 253 - 281

The past thirty days have flown by and my photo journey updates have been woefully neglected. Between out-of-town visitors, weddings, goodbyes, weekend travels, new ventures, and of course, the ever present, search of beauty in the every day, life has been busy and good and sweet.

Thank you, as always, for sharing this ever-evolving journey with me. I am over three-fourths of the way through. It is hard to believe!

Day 253 (1) :: Decorating the "future" foster care room

 Day 253(2) :: Freshly Mown Lawn

 Day 254(1) :: It's that time of year :: Harvest Time, baby

 Day 254(2) :: Say CHEESE!!!

Day 255 :: This pic is JUST for you, Mommy! ;-) 

 Day 256 :: Impromptu Date at RITA's

Day 257 :: A walk down memory lane - 
DEC Crew Ski Trip circa 1995 
"Shine Dancing" courtesy of Newsboys

 Day 258 :: A view from my backyard

Day 259(1):: Hanging out in DC with two great friends

Day 259(2) :: Visiting "our boy" at his home

 Day 260 :: Driving home from a weekend of fun

Day 261 :: INSANITY!

 Day 262(1):: So this year I let out the secret 
at my parents' 40th Anniversary celebration
of my Dad's love of dance at home. 
Here's a little snapshot for proof....
saying goodbye to cuzzie, Michaela!

Day 262(2) :: Shopping with Mere and Grandmere

 Day 265 :: Chillin' at the Van Niekerk residence

Day 266 :: Sharing communion together...
their first covenant as man and wife

Day 267 :: I know it is a bit faint and hard to see in the photo 
but check out this lovely gift of the moon 
at 3 in the afternoon on my birthday 
as I relaxed on the beach. 

 Day 268 :: Exercise Station

Day 269(1) :: Trampoline Fun

 Day 269(2) :: Brother & Sister Flying

 Day 270 :: Just me....with my favorite new top!

 Day 271 :: Morris in his kingdom

Day 272 :: An old fashioned telephone booth at Arno's work

Day 273 :: Enjoying the view in the crisp fall air

 Day 274 :: Amazingly the 2nd bloom of the year! In September, no less!

 Day 275 :: My version of a salted caramel brownie. OMG! SO DELICIOUS!

Day 276 :: Sunset Silhouette Style

Day 277 :: 1st day of photography class

Day 278 :: This is their Wayne and Emily pose.
{Their dad and mom} 
Jake Ray said, "Come on, Olivia, let's stand like husband and wife." 
Totally their idea! I LOVED IT!!
P.S. His "beard" is brown lipstick. LOL!

 Day 279 :: My birthday present from Jake Ray and Olivia! 
{2 kids that I frequently nanny}
Angry Birds is one of Jake Ray's favorites! 
I love that he wanted to share that with me! ;-)

Day 280 :: Our Homeowner's Association Crab Picnic

Day 281 :: Just hangin' with his peeps #OurBoy

I'm on a journey, chronicling my life with a picture a day for a year. I hope to discover the world around me in my day-to-day life in a uniquely different way as well as learn more about my DSLR to better capture those precious moments. 

{Update: Currently taking a couple of photography classes 
with my sister this fall 2012...very excited!}


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