Friday, October 14, 2011

{RE}discovering Him :: Day 14 - The Coach

In the midst of this 31 day journey, I have decided NOT to forgo my weekly 5 Minute Friday link up because, well, it's my favorite PLUS I think it is a fun challenge to take the weekly prompt and articulate my {RE}discovery through it.

This week's topic :: Catch


We walked out onto the field. The players all are in place. Everyone is ready.

Except for me.

Their uniforms look great. I watch them practice and I am astounded at their accuracy. Their movements seem seamless and fluid. I am in awe.

And I am supposed to play...HERE??

"No way, Coach. I don't think I can do it", so I duck back into the dugout, waiting, watching, wanting to play, wanting to "join" but scared that I won't be good enough, strong enough, fast enough.

So the beautiful dance around me goes on, and I look onward.

But after the game, the Coach pulls me aside.

"Let's just warm up. Let's play catch, Lindsey."

I feel ashamed and embarrassed at my hesitance to be IN the game, so I slowly uplift my eyes, afraid to see His disappointment, but instead all I see is love, compassion, grace.

"Come on, Lindsey, let's play catch! You'll get back in again. It's okay. You're not done yet. I see great things ahead for you. Let's just practice."

I love Coach.

But more than that...COACH loves ME!

I feel safe.
I feel loved.
I feel freedom.

Just playing catch.....

....for NOW anyway. ;-)




Julie Wilson said... Best Blogger Tips

Just playing Catch... Kinda like my Dad always encouraging me to just do the next thing...
Great Five Minutes!

Corine said... Best Blogger Tips

That was BEAUTIFUL! ...incredibly beautiful!
Thank you so much for sharing this!!!
Corine :D

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank, Julie! I like that. "just do the next thing" I need that reminder for NOW!

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, Corine! I appreciate you stopping in and leaving your kind words here!

hyacynth said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a beautiful moment. I could feel the warmth in his voice, the love in it. Lovely, Lindsey. 

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, friend....He has been so PARTICULARLY patient with me in this LONG wintery season. 

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