Sunday, October 23, 2011

{RE}discovering Him :: Day 22 - The Dance


For the first time in 21 days, I missed a day of posting.


However, I am not beating myself up or scolding myself incessantly
{Yeah...I have been THAT girl....SO OFTEN!!}

My life has become a symphony written TO Grace.

The way she moves.
The rhythms of her essence.
The harmony with which she pulls the pieces together.

And yesterday, I felt bad -- REAL bad.

You see, I have these health issues that I don't talk about a whole lot because well, I don't really know what's up and neither do the docs and well, I just don't often feel like "going there" but sometimes I have a doosey of a day where functioning like a "normal" person, is JUST not in the cards.

So another movement is being written
and I live in the rapture of grace, believing that He has
an answer,
a solution,
and yes....even a miracle for me.

It has changed my life in many ways, but I have learned am constantly learning that His plans and purposes never count me out.

Yes. The picture that is developing isn't not quite what I had in mind.
But I think that it may even be better than I could have imagined.
In spite of the pain.
Heck...maybe even BECAUSE of the pain.

{RE}discovery :: In every situation, He teaches me. He changes me. He molds me to become a little more like Him, to have MORE of His heart, to shine His light into the world. I am learning not just to be content in ALL situations....He is teaching me to dance, even if that is sometimes JUST on the inside!!


Rambling Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh how your words are so encouraging.  I too struggle with some health issues.  Just went to a new doc last week... a naturopathic one and we are attempting new things away from the usual.  I so often just want a simple answer, a simple diagnosis yet for some reason Father hasn't handed me one and so.. I keep traveling the journey and trusting that He is the one great physician, the one in control of all.  His sovereignty encourage me.  I will be praying for you, a kindred spirit.

lindseyfoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, Heather! I would love to chat with you more about this. I actually would like to go to a naturopath because I feel that the other route has not brought definitive answers or solutions.  About a year ago, my primary said potentially fibromyalgia??  I will come and visit you...but I was wondering what possibilities the doctors have suggested.

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